As soon as Cem got his first camera, he started taking night shots. When he realized that he could make things that are invisible to the human eye visible through the camera, he became addicted to it. He has been capturing the beauties of the night sky with his camera ever since. He takes so much pleasure from being in the solitude under the stars at night that he doesn’t realize how time flies. 

– Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2023, Royal Observatory Greenwich (Our Sun Category shortlist) – with Tunç Tezel (TWAN) 

– Optolong 2022 NightScape Competition 2022, China (Nightscape 1st place)

– Photo NightScape Awards 2022, France (Mobile Phone 2nd place and Nightscape shortlist)

– Astronomy Picture of the Day by NASA (13 Oct 2020)

His works have also been featured in Sky&Telescope magazine and on the social media accounts of organizations such as TWAN, IDA and the European Space Agency (ESA).