Cem has been drawing since he was a child. He started building the Space series in 2015. In his illustrations, he depicts the lonely man in the universe. Cem believes that it is meaningless for people to question the universe and existence, and that the real questioning should not be towards the universe/outside, but towards one’s own inner self. He sees the life as a journey towards one’s own inner self. He believes that people who do not know themselves and have no purpose will be doomed to be lost in a void. In his illustrations, he potrays his philosophy and his journeys into his inner self in a cartoonish style. For drawing, he sticks to the colored pencils, which are a childish material, and draws his pictures on black paper. He sees the black paper as a void and embeds the lively spirit of children in it. Cem held many personal exhibitions and participated in some group exhibitions. Some of his paintings were collected by people who believed in him.